Jace to return for ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ season 2 + hope to get Yoon Mi Rae, Gaeko, Ailee


The Director of Mnet, Han Dong Chul, recently gave an interview about ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ and revealed that Jace would be returning for the second season and that they’re hoping to have Yoon Mi Rae, Gaeko, and Ailee on.

Director Han Dong Chul of Mnet recently sat down for an interview where he talked about the second season of ‘Unpretty Rapstar.’ He said, “We had actually selected 20 participants for the first season, and Jace was among them. We believe that she will be a highlight star for the next one.”

Meanwhile, Han Dong Chul also revealed possible names for next season, “I hope that Yoon Mi Rae can appear as a producer. We have actually been constantly sending invites to her since the earlier phases of ‘Show Me The Money.’ At the same time, we hope to see Gaeko and Ailee on the program.”

I find it … interesting that Jace would be back considering she was essentially anonymous on the show aside from managing to get Tymee eliminated. She’s hot and I don’t dislike her, but she’s the worst kind of reality show contestant in that she didn’t show any skill, didn’t have a big personality, and wasn’t even bad enough to bring the lulz like Lil Cham. Eh.

I’m glad Yoon Mi Rae is being pursued as a producer, though if they’ve been pursuing her since ‘Show Me The Money‘ started, maybe it’s just stalking at that point. Not sure why she doesn’t want to do it though, as this would be a good opportunity for exposure for her current career/group. Gaeko would be a great addition as a producer/judge, and while Ailee sounds like an amazing get in theory, I’m not convinced her vocals actually work well on rap tracks.

Either way, the second season should be a bigger spectacle, with more people wanting to participate because of the success of the first season, but I do hope they don’t lose sight of the fact that personalities are what made the show a hit.


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