Judging You: Reebok tries to make fishnet happen with Hara, Yura, Hyoyeon; Doojoon bores


Judging You time! It’s a feature about fashion because your faves look like shit OR they look great! I will determine this because I am a worldwide respected judge … or something.



Hara, Hyoyeon, and Yura are currently endorsing Reebok* or something and attended an event for the brand.

*Editor’s Note: Author initially thought the brand was spelled ‘Rebook’. Judging you, indeed. #Rekt

The concept was said to be … um … “Fisherman Chic”.


I don’t know who chose their outfits, but you need some skills to turn one of K-pop’s tiniest waists into a Tiffany replica. Cheers for Hara wearing bright lipstick though, because if you’re going for a sports-y look, makeup is the best tool to switch an outfit from “derping in joggings” to “I actually tried, you know?”

Too many accessories would just mess it up, so just one bold bracelet or necklace should suffice (those earrings hurt my heart).


After the initial shock of thinking Hyo was naked, and then sadly realizing that she was indeed wearing pants, I noticed this one wasn’t THAT bad, I mean, see how happy she looks!


Or she might be holding a fart.


If this was an attempt to make the brand look “chic”, they failed. Miserably. Put one of K-pop’s best bodies into the sweater you wear around the house to eat ice cream in after a breakup. Way to #Brand.

Reebok (a sportswear brand), fishnet styling, and weeping clothes … not even once.



Elsewhere, Doojoon, a BEAST member that isn’t Hyunseung, appeared at the press conference for “Let’s Eat Season 2”. While he obviously isn’t Hyunseung, he got a Hyunseung-like treatment from his coordi.


Cigarette pants — narrow, straight, suit pants that show the ankles — look better in an outfit that’s either: a) casual or b) bold. Suits with this cut of pants are a tongue-in-cheek approach for a more relaxed look, allowing for play with prints or various accessories. So it’s too bad then that his coordi failed at all of these points, and thus Doojoon ended up looking like his outfit was putting his face to sleep.


To end my babbling on a positive note, Kwon Yul, an actor I know nothing about, also attended the same press conference and is now relevant because he gave the world the most Photoshop-friendly picture ever.


Get to work, people.


If there are any events you want me to cover, you better tell me. I’m no goddess, so I can’t be everywhere.

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