Ueto Aya confirms pregnancy, releases statement; agency says press are getting nothing


Yesterday it was reported that Ueto Aya was pregnant, and today she confirmed that report via a release through her agency Oscar Promotion.

“It’s a personal matter, but I have an announcement for everybody.
At this time, I have been blessed with a new life.
I am full of happiness that I will be welcoming a new member to the family.
I am grateful to the many people who will support me as I work and prepare for childbirth.
I will continue to do my best. It would make me happy if you would watch over me warmly.”

Her agency then went on to give a statement of their own, basically saying that’s all the press and public is gonna get.

“It’s a private matter, so we are not planning on holding a press conference, nor revealing any details at the moment.”

That, of course, is awesome for her, and the agency handled the speculation/announcement that she was dating/getting married in the same manner, but it does make for a rather boring affair.

Oh well, at least there’s tabloids to tell you why she got pregnant so quickly!

A certain model who has had experience with HIRO says: “When I had sex with HIRO-san, he’d piston me so quickly like a machine and it won’t even take me 3 minutes until I reach orgasm”. Ueto will definitely get pregnant with HIRO’s legendary moves anytime soon.



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