5 popular comedians caught up in Jang Dong Min’s sexism scandal + will i-netz get it now?


Following Jang Dong Min‘s scandal arising for past comments he made, the past of more variety stars have been coming to light, including Yoo Se Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo, Park Myung Soo, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul.

Going back to the stuff that started this though, here’s a transcript of a convo between Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, and Yoo Sang Moo.

JDM: What’s stupid about women is that they say things like, “I don’t want to lie to you. I genuinely love you right now but I also loved the people I met in the past. I’m going to come clean with you.” What a bit*h.
YSY: Right, what a b*tch.
YSM: Yeah, that’s a b*tch. And another mistake that women make is-
JDM: Yeah, a b*tch.
YSM: -another mistake that women make is, and listen up women, that they’ll beat around the bush. Like let’s say they slept with other men. They don’t tell that to you up front. Instead, they say things like, ‘Oh, I had just a shot of soju with that man once.’ But her current partner is with her drinking soju and he’s thinking of sleeping with her after so obviously he catches on and realizes that she probably slept with those men too.
JDM: Yeah, women say that.
YSM: They shouldn’t just talk at all (laugh).
JDM: That’s what’s stupid about women, their brains just aren’t up to par with men.
YSM: They’re completely beneath us.
JDM: I’m serious, they’re so stupid. They’re really stupid for saying all that.
YSM: They don’t think fast enough.
JDM: Nah, they’re just dumb I’m telling you, just dumb.

YSM: Men can wake up and be disappointed because he was thinking she was a virgin but she’s not. That’s why some ask beforehand.

YSM: ‘Hey, why are you so loose down there?’
JDM: ‘Oh that? Because I did it with so many dildos’

YSY: If you think about it, what we can’t handle is not the fact that she isn’t a virgin but the woman herself.
JDM: Yeah, her history.
YSY: We all expect women to be virgins.
JDM: Yeah, the most perfect (woman) would be some woman who lived for 30 years in a temple and has no (sexual) history to speak of… but in this society, that’s impossible.

I don’t think I need to explain the obvious sexism, and don’t even bother with the “they were making jokes” shit because I don’t see jokes anywhere or how they were even trying to be funny. Furthermore, some of the reasons for them being sexist don’t even make fucking sense to me. Like women are bitches if they want to be upfront and come clean about their sexual history, but if they try to be sly about it and hide then they’re stupid sluts as well?


Not that it would be any better if like they were complaining about a girlfriend that cheated and said this shit, but it sure would’ve been a lot less fucking confusing. Like the irony to complain about how dumb women are and then to not even make any coherent point is … amazing.

Anyway, Yoo Se Yoon apologized for his role…

“I apologize. I don’t know what to say. I would have nothing to say even if I had 10 mouths. I’m genuinely sorry. This won’t happen again.”



Next on the chopping block were Park Myung Soo, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul, who got their past statements revealed.

Park Myung Soo on a past ‘Happy Together’ episode, “I hit my ex-girlfriend 100 times near the Han River.” (they got into a fight after he caught her lying)

Jung Hyung Don, on a past radio show 8 years ago, “Love grows from fighting with each other. I also heard that love grows deeper the more you beat (her).”

Noh Hong Chul also talked about how when he was in high school, he wanted to do it with a woman so bad that he came up with the idea of feeding a woman with sexual stimulants for pigs. He eventually found it difficult to get and just got a woman super drunk. She ended up throwing up on him however and his rape plans didn’t go as he expected.

In contrast to the transcripts, these are just quotes so they COULD just be exaggerations for jokes (I sure hope so), but the fact that they may have been attempts at humor doesn’t make the message attached any better, nor does the fact that “punching down” at victims generally just doesn’t make for funny comedy.

Either way, for all those who defended him cause “culture” before, this sure puts an even darker light on Park Myung Soo smacking Seolhyun around, huh? Hm.


Anyway, as expected, a lot of Korean netizens are saying they’re all being “witch hunted”, which is just bizarre. At best, they’ve made misogynistic and shitty jokes, but at worst, they actually committed acts of domestic abuse and tried to rape women. Those are fucked up things no matter when they happened or how it’s being brought up, so there’s zero wrong with this coming to light at any point.

Furthermore, for all the international netizens asking why they’re getting defended, do you finally get the actual double standard at play here?

Look, I’m fully aware not all netizens are the same, but I didn’t ever see any of the top comments for past scandals whining about T-ara being witch hunted for doing essentially nothing outside of group tweeting. And if it’s “in the past”, then where were those excuses for Park Bom? Hell, she at least she had the excuse of her mental health. Or if it’s about not witch hunting over shitty stuff that actually happened, then why does Yewon get it worse for being disrespectful? Yeah, she acted up, but it’s not like she was out there plotting to rape people. And those three examples don’t even scratch the surface of the pointless whining about celebrity behavior that constantly goes on that gets parroted by the international sphere (like being iljins for drinking or swearing or whatever the fuck).

I’ve pointed out the double standard in how actions are judged a ton before, but many people still refuse to believe and think the difference in reactions from the public to idols, actors, comedians, men, and women are about some societal mores and shit. No, all this shit has FAR FAR FAR less to do with “culture” and “respectfulness” and whatever other vague concepts apologists like to throw out, and it has a lot more to do with simple human bias for celebrities that the netizens have a positive perception of and who are liked by the general public. The reality is that idols are people who most of the mainstream don’t care about, actors/actresses are expected to be “dignified” (which is why they’re “above” idols), and comedians can get away with just about anything because they’re “joking”. Then throw in the male/female perception dynamic and all this double standard shit only gets multiplied.

That’s why Park Myung Soo can hit people, be generally disrespectful, and joke about/actually commit domestic abuse, yet people defend him and laugh it off, but when Nana doesn’t dig a trench into the ground so she can bow deeper to her peer, she gets dragged to hell for being an iljin whore cause she drank once and partied in high school. Rinse, repeat.

It’s not hard to see the trend, so this certainly isn’t some revelation, but international netizens continue to act appalled that these dudes get off with a slap on the wrist compared to others, and yet next month when some idol gets dragged to hell for not sucking the dick of one of these dudes, they’ll keep saying it’s cause “u dun understand da culture 4000 yrs of history u ignant fuck face” and they’ll still not get the actual reason reactions work out the way they do.



Cliff Notes: All these dudes are assholes, Korean netizens use typical shitty double standards, and international netizens are fucking morons that don’t understand anything.


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