Pocket Girls’ Soyoon’s fancam gets 180,000 views in a few days, people are upset


Pocket Girls, the new queens of Boob-EDM, are taking over the universe with their club smash “Bbang Bbang“. Or at least rapper Soyoon is getting attention via a fancam because of her gigantic jugs.

The audible dude thirst when she rips open the dress. Rofl.

Anyway, we all know what people are watching for, but also check out the YouTube comments full of pressed-as-fuck pearl-clutching fangirls commenting on sexuality and plastic surgery, after which they’ll close the video and fingerblast themselves to an equally plastic oppar who is stripping and humping the floor in his latest concert performance.

But for more than #TeamSchadenfreude reasons, it’s important that this goes viral so everybody can come to grips with the fact that a group of racing models who perform live with about the same energy SNSD just released a better EDM track.


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