‘Lupin The Third’ coming back in anime series, NTV wants all of the easy ratings


Lupin The Thirdis coming back as an animated series in the fall to NTV, which is also the network that is bringing back ‘Death Note‘ as a live-action drama.

The first original series in 30 years will depict the activities of Lupin and his gang in the Republic of San Marino, Italy. It will also air on Italy’s broadcasting station RTI in preparation for a worldwide release.

It was also announced that Ohno Yuji, who was in charge of the ‘Lupin Theme’, will take on the music for the series once again. While it’s been awhile since he participated in the series (‘Lupin the Third PART III’), fans can look forward to the newly recorded theme song.

What other properties can NTV revive to shamelessly grab at ratings, I wonder?

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