Sora Aoi and her hotness set to be banned in China for making a lot of money


Former JAV star and current actress (?) Sora Aoi is still a star in Japan, but the desire of most of Asia to fap to JAV has made her appeal stretch from Korea to Thailand. Sora Aoi especially found a base in China, where she has millions of followers, and where fan events in can net her ~$150,000 a piece.

However, Sora Aoi might be moving her focus to Southeast Asia after the Chinese government has reportedly banned her from doing such events in China.

As such, Hong Kong media outlets report that Aoi is being targeted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, or SAPPRFT.

Like most censorship, this is under the guise of decency and all that, but really all those government officials fap to her too, they just don’t want some evil dirty Japanese tramp to come in and rake in the dough from their citizens.

So while that ban sucks, it also makes me realize just how much money she was making in China. Regardless, as long as Sora Aoi continues to look like she does, I doubt she’s gonna have career issues given her gigantic fanbase.


But really, what I posted this for is to give thanks to Sora Aoi and that a woman who looks like this…


…will do bukkake.



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