Hyosung’s “Into You” MV is Mother’s Day appropriate in raising boob awareness


Released on Mother’s Day, awareness queen Hyosung decided to make her “Into You” release into an awareness campaign about boobs and how glorious they really are. Respect.

While I could see the direction they were going with the sound, and it was giving off throwback pop vibes, I just didn’t find it that interesting musically and it was a step back from her previous release.

Fortunately, the music video existed, because that was plenty interesting.




My only complaint is that there was not enough dancing, which seems to waste her strength as a soloist in addition to skipping a chance at further sex appeal. That’s important if she really wants to go for that Hyori sex symbol type of career, because staring longingly into a mirror is not gonna do it.

Oh well, at least this happened:


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