AOA teaches me 3 things about lacrosse with ‘Heart Attack’ teasers


With their ‘Heart Attack’ mini-album set to release on June 22, AOA has released the first video teasers for the album. And, unlike the teaser that the group released last week, AOA seems to now be angling hard for the highly sought after K-pop/lacrosse fandom demographic.

Considering that I know literally nothing about lacrosse (it’s like a soccer-tennis-hockey-polo hybrid that is somehow even whiter than all those sports combined, right?), this is what I have learned about lacrosse thanks to AOA:

1. There is more synchronized walking than on a runway.

2. Wedge sneakers are standard lacrosse wear.

3. Points are awarded by who strikes the most model-esque knee bend (I think Choa wins then).


As for the music, if this is representative of what the final product will sound like (and lord knows that it’s probably not!) then I’m intrigued. The beat has a pretty aggressive energy and EDM sizzle to it that differentiates it from AOA’s discography.

Now, off to research lacrosse and all of its assuredly heavenly wonders that AOA are undoubtedly reproducing faithfully here, much like EXO did with American football.





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