After School’s Jungah opens an online clothing shop & I hope she knows what she’s doing

The Jung (3)

For anyone semi-interested in After School, it’s been pretty obvious that, with the graduation of member Jooyeon, Jungah’s time to hang up the tap shoes is coming up sooner than later. Therefore, it’s only smart of her to start planning her retirement plan a side business to sustain herself post-idol life.

The Jung, Jungah’s backup plan, is a women’s clothing shop. Sounds simple and uninteresting right? It’s obvious that she has invested money and time in this (if you can’t figure it out by the fact that she’s the model for every single piece of clothing she sells), so I want to trust her ability to make this work, but it’s certainly risky as hell.

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Online shopping boutiques are everywhere and targeted to virtually everyone: kids clothing, male clothing, plus sizes, themed clothing like time period specific, country specific, etc. And this is what makes it a risky business: unless you have something unique to put on the table, you’re probably fucked (not only on the products, but presentation, methods of shipping, added benefits, and so on).

Of course, this can be said of Jessica’s gig as well, but the difference here is that one cannot rely on branding as much, as Jungah is dependent on retailers to provide unique products, and she must get them at the lowest price possible to make profit.

Here’s the thing: while e-commerce keeps on growing, the online clothing selling business is pretty polarized with the top 500 sellers producing about 77% of the revenue. That’s just in America, but it’s safe to assume that this is the case everywhere else based on the structure. See, this top 500 include corporation monsters like Wal-Mart, who do not need to build an audience from scratch, and let’s be real, Jungah’s fandom power is not even close to Sica’s.

B-but Jungah-unni’s products are unique! Right?


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If she’s a smart girl she should be working with underground-y Korean designers to keep prices low while providing exclusive pieces (I couldn’t find any info on her retailers, but that’s good news, actually). The business also runs physically somewhere in Korea, so keeping a stable inventory is easier but that adds to the costs and tacks on the trouble of location.

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So while I hope she does well and makes bank because maybe at some point I’ll get stuff to review she seems very passionate about fashion in general, one has to wonder about the viability of a business from a celebrity whose own company seems to have forgotten she exists.

Oh well, if it doesn’t work out, there’s always porn tasteful movie roles.

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Group concepts trained her well.

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