Pop Goes The Music: Black Nut’s “Higher Than E-Sens” is certainly a thing


By now we all know Black Nut for being … well … Black Nut, and also the hero Korea and Korean hip-hop needs. A new track of his, “Higher Than E-Sens“, is another classic, if for no other reason than the title alone got a solid laugh out of me.

The lyrics sure are something…

I’m so much higher than E Sens
My position is similar to him who smoked weed
No maybe a little higher than that
If you wanna meet me, lay out cocaine under your nose
I’m so high
so high (^^…)
No one can look over me
You better change your name when you’re in front of me
From Epik High
to Epik Low, fuck you Tablo
Fuck off to those who laugh at me
I’m untouchable and unfuckable like a little girl’s body in elementary school
My only enemy is Go Youngwook (sexually harassed a girl in middle school)
You’re all lousy, don’t even glance at me
All close your eyes
so they look at the tip of my feet, because I’m a ballerina
Don’t stay up all night, even if you do, it doesn’t work for you
Why are you shoveling when you’re not in the army like Moon pig? (shoveling also means doing unnecessary things with no results and Moon pig refers to Moon Swings whose in the army. They do a lot of shoveling in the army I think?)
If you’re mad, write me a diss and fight me!
You can’t fight anyway, can’t kill me in real life
My mouth blabbers all over the place without thinking
like the sperm from your daddy that was used to make you
I don’t give a fuck about who you are
If you walk my way, your future will surely rest in peace like a pregnancy test with two lines after a one-nighter
This song is not a rap about how great I am
This is actually a love song for your girlfriend
Bitches come to me, already! My future’s gonna be real big so big
JK’s wife’s (probably talking about how big her breasts are? I’m assuming they’re pretty big lol) are like a piece of gum on an asphalt compared to my future
I feel like my chest/clothes (translates to both) is/are about to burst like Swings’s tight pants
All the girls look at you
and I hear your song everywhere
Jealousy gets to me sometimes,
but I’m fuckin higher than E Sens
Hiphopplaya, Hiphople, Hiphop gallery
Wherever I go, I only hear about you
I’m fucking jealous, but it’s ok
cuz I’m fuckin higher than E Sens
I’m fuckin higher than E Sens
I’m fuckin higher than E Sens
I’m higher than Kang Minho (E Sens)
I’m higher than Jung Kisuk (Simon D)
My mood is higher than Loco~ (reference to Loco’s song, High)
I’m fuckin higher than loco
I’m fuckin higher than 2pac
so fuckin higher than E Sens
I’m so much higher than E Sens
The second verse is similar to the first
When you were selling your tickets at ‘geek’ (a concert theater) in Shinchon,
I showed her my sixth sense (LITERALLY translates to ‘육감’, which means sensuality, we can infer that it’s talking about having sex with a girl) in the corner of the room
I ran every day without stopping
Relaxation? You can talk about that after looking at Swings’s boobs
I’m a brat with a lot of greed
Put me in the list of your top 10 MCs
If some other lame rapper gets to be counted with your fingers (top 10),
I’ll fold a crane with your fingers, watch out for your bones
fuck respect
I don’t devlop such thing
I’m someone who believes that I’m the best
I regret making the song ‘Beenzino’ (song about how he wants to be like Beenzino, like he wants EVERYTHING about him, even his boogers)
because I can actually become bigger and better than him
Black Nut
Don’t forget my name even if you forget Keith Ape’s (because his song was It G Ma, which means don’t forget)
I’m going higher than ever
and know more birds’ name than Yoon Mooboo (an ornithologist)
I’m gonna become famous and strip away
the panties of female idols every night
I’ll make them take out money from their wallets for a night at a motel
Who’s going to stop me?
My anus who hasn’t pooped out anything in 8 days laughs at you
You guys can just eat out a vagina like a girl’s camel toe
If you don’t doubt me, suck a dick
If you’re a girl, you’re mine
If you’re a guy, suck Swings’s dick
After releasing 100, (song dissing almost all of the rappers as a joke)
I realized that I’m already better than 70% of them.



Thot Leader™