STELLAR set for a comeback with “Vibrato” that will pickup where “Marionette” left off


STELLAR managed to draw plenty of flack for its 2014 comeback “Marionette” due to the sheer sexuality that the group put on display, and it looks like, despite (or maybe exactly because of) the netizen backlash that the group experienced with “Marionette,” the group will be looking to extend that concept even further with their upcoming July comeback.

STELLAR recently unveiled the album jacket cover for their new single “Vibrato”, as seen above, and it somehow makes “Marionette” look positively puritan by comparison.


Now, those are supposedly qipaos, but I’m pretty damn sure that this stretches the definition of what a qipao is to the point of absurdity. Generously, I think these outfits are more akin to “sexy smocks” or “generously ventilated aprons.”

Regardless of how the song turns out, “Vibrato” should induce some beautiful netizen tears and that’s always worth a laugh or two.

Editor’s Note: For all the criticism about “Marionette” (in fairness, it was a legit bop), their follow-up “Fool” toned down everything and topped out at 99. “Marionette” came in at 35, whereas their previous high was 90 with “Study”.

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