Taeyeon goes after her antis #KimchiSneakyBitch + Jessica’s shade or no #EverybodyKnows


SNSD‘s Taeyeon announced on her Instagram yesterday that she’s going after malicious commenters legally.

For a while now, there have been many instances where my family, acquaintances around me, and my fans have been deeply hurt by harsh malicious comments. There were a lot of people who asked me to take legal action, and my fan site proactively offered me a lot of help. [It’s been hard] for me too, but more than that my heart hurts so much to the point that it gets hot when I see my loved ones getting stressed. Since consulting my agency a few months ago, I’ve been collecting all the malicious comments and pictures. The legal process has already begun, but I plan on adding [more materials]. Fans, if you have any materials [of malicious activity] please send them to me so I can collect them. I’m sorry for making you suffer the same hurt, and I am thankful to you for taking the initiative before anyone else and providing support. I thought I was strong enough, but especially after this incident, I feel like I will have to become even stronger. You and me, SONEs, let’s enjoy the party as we always have!

It makes sense by Korean laws since her antis are growing increasingly stupid by the day, but as you know by now, I find legal action over dipshittery like this ridiculous, especially because of who and what laws like this really protect.

That said, the last line of her statement makes it seem like she’s gonna put them all in a pit, set them ablaze, and then cackle about it as she broadcasts it live from her throne via Periscope.


Meanwhile, Jessica happened to make an Instagram post around the same time with the caption of “What goes around comes around #karma #sweetdreams“.


Edit: It appears she has now deleted it entirely. Welp.

After what I’m assuming was people flipping out by interpreting this as a shot across Taeyeon’s bow, she changed it to “Really..?

On one hand, I want this shade war to be true so bad, because it reinforces the narrative that it was Jessica versus Taeyeon in the end and fans will go insane. Plus, “#sweetdreams” reminds me a lot of “good night, sweet prince” like she about to put a pillow over a face and double tap her or something.

Rationally though, it just seems like unfortunate timing and fandoms being stupid, hence her editing the caption to begin with. Won’t stop me from hoping this escalates into a mess though.



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