Sooyoung & COACH team up as SNSD continues attempts to fill Jessica’s spot


While Hyoyeon continues to lose fashion battles against SNSD’s stylist (I wonder why?), SM Entertainment has moved on and decided that the next member to venture on the world of fashion is Sooyoung.

Sooyoung, along with Minho and Victoria, will be part of COACH’s ‘Asia Project‘. Modeling for the brand and promoting it all over Asia is a given, but typically these types of “partnerships” are collaborations beyond the ads for the campaign. She also attended their F/W fashion show impersonating a slutty Chewbacca (Halloween is here early!), so there’s that.

Honestly, unless Sunny starts modelling lingerie or Taeyeon becomes a dildo/strap-on designer (with Baekhyun as model), I won’t care near as much about all this as I do for whatever Jessica is doing with Blanc & Eclare.


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