#Lovestagram: Kisum hanbok, Nana cuts hair, Hyomin first pitch, Seolhyun, Jina, Soyul

#Lovestagram, where I post random pictures and shit, and you do the same in the comments.

#일본 #유나언니 #손 #특별출연

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Seolhyun is an attractive human.


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Kisum looking like a model and shit.

나 머리잘랐는데 . . . . #나나 #한수화쌤 #단발 #제니하우스 #변신 #무진쌤

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Nana cut her hair. Doesn’t really matter, honestly. She’s basically just saying, “I look good, regardless. Fuck y’all.”

저거 나야🙊 #pittsburghpirates #hyomin & #kingkang 👊👊👊

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Hyomin first pitch.


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Hyomin also attended a bunch of Pirates games.

#일중 📷 #🙆

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Yoo Seung Ok is decent looking and in decent shape.

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Was so busy paying attention to Woohee that Subin slipped my mind until recently or something.

요즘 아이스초코를 입에 달고 산다 ..🍫 중독 😲

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Remember Jina from Bob Girls? God, she needs to restart her career yesterday.

나 아뽀옹..#Crayonpop #soyul #정샘물

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And, of course, Soyul.


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