#Lovestagram: HyunA, Ahn Soo Min, Ellin, Hong Jin Young, Sora Aoi FOR RESEARCH

Sora Aoi not wanting to take a shower and ruin her perfection or something.

Anyway, the real point of putting her first is to ask for some kind of master list of Japanese celeb Instagrams since the Japanese media is not like the Korean media in that they don’t spam news of these Instagram accounts everywhere (to the detriment of all of us).



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Ellin continues to hint that she wants a sexy concept, and the less clothes the better for her, apparently.

#나를사랑으로채워주시는 #진영언니♡

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Kisum and Hong Jin Young in the same picture, huh? Well alright.


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HyunA‘s face alternates between hot and what-did-they-do-to-her depending on whether she’s given that kabuki makeup or not.


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Woohee doing stuff that made me bypass paying attention to Subin by accident.


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Ahn Soo Min from ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ showing off her cute, feral animal-esque visual. Why do I like these types of looks? I dunno. Maybe I’m a furry in denial. Quote that, fuckers.

? 셀카는 이각도가 제맛

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Jina is pretty, yo. She has a natural type of cute-hot, but is unfortunately a nugu. For shame.


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