#Lovestagram: Kisum runs in reverse, HyunA/G.NA pillow fight, and butts


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Kisum running backwards is the most important thing that happened on Instagram.


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Yuna and Seolhyun are together with Seolhyun pretending to kiss Yuna.

Thank you.

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HyunA and G.NA having a pillow fight in a hotel.

Even cheesy lesbian pornos would balk at this plot.

추석 연휴 잘 보내세용👪

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Minha flawless.

집도착 😪 손가락 먹기 신공

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Tymee in selcas and Tymee getting randomly wasted are two completely different people, I swear.

Again, there’s so much focus on butts in K-pop nowadays, but nobody uses fitness models like Song Areum and shit. Weird.

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Or one could always just use Yura if they can afford her.

프로필사진 올려달라고 하셔서 🙈🙈올려요🙈🙈 비오는데 빗길 조심하세요👀😊

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Ahn Soo Min with her hair down makes her unfortunately look less rodent-like.

깨비깨비 새우깡 #Crayonpop #soyul

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Soyul closes us out with perfection.


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