#Lovestagram: Yezi & Gilme united, Nana is impossible, mature Soyul

Thug queens Yezi and Gilme, together at last like it should be.


dark night .

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Nana is painfully attractive.

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Been a while since I reminded everybody that Eunjung is awesome. So there.


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Subin is still a living doll, but not in the bad type of way.


Crayon Pop time!

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Soyul finally got to show off her forehead and a maturer look, and unsurprisingly she looks great even though her makeup is only half on.

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Ellin, Gummi, and Soyul show what should be a goddamn sub-unit.


울 이쁘니 다은언니 ? @daeunhayo

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I am gonna beat this Jina drum until she gets famous, goddammit.


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