#Lovestagram: Lizzy Trolls, Solji Fucks Up, Hani/Nana, Sera, The Laysha Girl

선물이양?#리지#Lizzy#? 금니는 서비스✨

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Thanks, Lizzy. I love surprises.


1) Solji fucked up and it’s amusing.

2) I didn’t know EXID even had an official Instagram.

Shannon and Dani dancing to BoA‘s “Kiss My Lips” and forgetting the dance.


Hani and Nana in a single picture because fuck your life.

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Eunjung giving you the tongue.

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Sera is attractive still. Shocking.

Remember Goeun from Laysha? You should now.




Hashimoto Kanna on Halloween, because I had nowhere else to put it.


Thot Leader™