RaNia’s “Demonstrate” excludes new member but gets back to roots


RaNia are back after what seems like decades away, and they’ve brought something closer to their old sound back with “Demonstrate“.

After all the mediaplay about the addition of Alexandra, it’s understandable that one’s first reaction to this is, “Wait, where the fuck is she?” And yeah, I found it rather distracting that a new member wouldn’t make her debut in their comeback music video. Visa problems or not, they could’ve edited in clips of her after the fact at least, because as it currently stands she was like a random, awkwardly inserted American rap addition like Tupac Shakur for Baby V.O.X. or Kanye West for JYJ.

In any case, the important thing is that they are back to their modern Western girl group sound and closer to “Dr. Feel Good” than every other release that followed it. They abandoned that sound following the leave of Teddy Riley and the backlash that came with the sexy concept (ahead of their time, trendsetting queens, etc), but that was always by far the best sound they’ve put out.

Also, aside from the fact that they too use T-ara‘s video editor, the visuals didn’t come off as cheap and terrible as I thought. There certainly was an effort made to make the girls shine, and they accomplished that mission, with the rating only going up higher once Alexandra is put into the mix.

Besides, I can’t NOT like an Asian pop music video that uses the Asian squat in their choreography.


Overall, I thought it was a promising return from RaNia if not unspectacular. I would say that bodes well for their next release, but given what we know about the group and their company, that release might be in seven years with nine new members, so I suppose it’s fair to worry if this will make the necessary impact.


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