Wait, so is K-pop gonna care about lolita concepts and stuff now?

So after incorrectly labeling IU‘s “Twenty-Three” music video as an out-and-out lolita concept, apparently some people on Pann are realizing that K-pop sexualizes minors or does lolita concepts all the time, and that it’s just labeled as “cute” or “innocent” concepts. This is not exactly news to anybody with eyes who has followed K-pop over the years, but if one is gonna start policing these concepts in K-pop only for specific people, then it’s understandable to point out that almost literally everybody does it or has done it.

Unsurprisingly, Korean and international netizens were having none of it … cause who the fuck knows what they’re thinking?

Personally, I don’t understand the denial. One can admit that K-pop sexualizes minors and gives adults lolita-inspired concepts quite frequently and still enjoy what’s being sold to you from whatever angle you like (art, music, concept, whatever).

That said … I mean we’re still admitting this happens, right?

Super Junior fans on Twitter got all pissy at me the other day for pointing out that nobody gave them or SM Entertainment shit for having a 14-year-old model as a seducing love interest in one of their music videos, but that just came to mind because it was something recent and blatant that basically nobody gave a single fuck about. But they’re hardly alone, and if we’re gonna go back through past concepts, so many girl groups fit the bill that netizens are basically targeting the entire industry if they go down that road.










Like what did people think they were selling here, exactly? What do people think concepts that revolve around aegyo are doing anyway?

And none of that even includes underage members of groups who are doing sexual dance moves or the oddly frequent usage of children in lolita-inspired or sexually-charged music videos, and if I spent more than 10 minutes searching I could’ve found a ton more because it’s everywhere.

Personally, I am a fan or have been a fan of most of those groups or one of the members at one point or another, so the goal isn’t to drag them, the goal is to ask whether K-pop actually cares about this now. If people truly care about ridding the industry of lolita concepts and what not, then K-pop is either about to change significantly or girl groups will just cease to exist.

Of course, it’s not going away, so I have to guess this is just a phase … and maybe even a mindless bandwagoning activity that’s the ‘in’ thing right now, like many suspected all along.


Old, but a more serious and thorough analysis of this stuff (1/2/3/4).


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