#Lovestagram: Ellin & Phone, Yenny Sucks, Seolhyun, Yura, Meiri Alaha

핸드폰 깨졌다 우울하다 하

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To recap, Ellin has now broken three phones in the past six months. That is remarkable for somebody who has a fucking phone case.

제 점수는요 – #2번 #인생최고점수

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I want to take Yenny on a bowling date … to teach her how to bowl the ball straight and just hit the fucking pins holy shit how are you so bad, though?



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Seolhyun goes with basically any style.

여태 살아온 내 인생에서 땀 제일 많이 났던 날 일본 싱글앨범 발매 날 …?

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Woohee stays forever underrated.

#ceci#12월호#촬영중 coming soon~

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Can’t tell if Yura is trying to be cute or legit couldn’t figure out how to operate that accessory.

Meiri Alaha, one of the few upcoming J-pop soloists who might be worth a shit. Also hot.

Kang Ye Bin can even make denim on denim look great.


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