Iljin pedo plagiarizer sly fox IU managed to boycott MAMA by not getting invited


You know you’re a true iljin thug when you manage to boycott major music events you don’t even get invited to, which is exactly what our favorite super iljin thug slut nation’s embarrassment pedo plagiarizer sly fox IU has managed to do with 2015 MAMA.

Yes, according to an exclusive report, IU is boycotting the event after not receiving enough awards last year.

Reason for boycott: Wants to continue offline activities in a more private setting with her fans such as concerts and fan meets. She will also be boycotting the rest of the year-end ceremonies due to an incident at the MAMA last year where she sang three songs but was only given two awards. IU’s reps got into a huge fight with MAMA producers to the point of a screaming match because IU’s reps expected more than two awards. She has since boycotted award ceremonies from that moment on.

IU’s ego is out of control!!!

Of course, reality is that IU was apparently never invited to begin with, probably because she’s not gonna win an award, which is the only reason anybody attends MAMA. So basically she was just not going to attend, and the “journalist” managed to frame her non-attendance as a “boycott”. It’s amazing the story gained traction when it doesn’t even pass the sniff test of why an exclusive like this would get coverage NOW when this would’ve been a major story at any point in time. But since we’re well into witch hunt mode already, everybody just believes whatever the fuck is written, which is sorta the point anyway.

Like do people really still not get how the media is complicit in this because they bank off it? They excluded context for this whole controversy on purpose to start with for a reason, much like they covered all the random netizen accusations against T-ara for a reason. Did they care to fact check it and do journalism? No, they just “reported” on the speculations because every single article one writes on stuff like this generates income.

Hell, now even stuff on Jang Kiha gets hate.

1. [+452, -67] Both of their images have dropped rock bottom ㅜㅜ
2. [+367, -50] He’s such a tryhard
3. [+338, -52] This couple needs to learn to stay quiet
4. [+145, -11] His image has already been ruined with this scandal. For someone who graduated from Seoul University, you’d think he’d have a better eye for women but he ends up dating IU…
5. [+108, -3] What an idiot, why would he mention IU at a time like this and get all this hate for no reason tsk.

Of course, the positive for Jang Kiha is that the opinions of upset teenage dipshits consists of about 0.1% of his fanbase anyway, so he doesn’t really have to give a fuck about any of this.

Personally, I’m just waiting for a “journalist” to connect Eunjung posting Jang Kiha’s music on social media to IU somehow.

It’s coming.


Speaking of that connection, IU is approaching T-ara levels of troll material.

See, the upside of all this is that while IU has continued to get ripped by netizens, unlike T-ara’s songs in Korea, IU’s songs have continued to chart well and even win music shows, gloriously pissing people off even more. And as evidenced by the fanmeets, interviews, and photoshoots, neither IU nor Jang Kiha appears to be taking a reflection period over this any time soon. The downside is that IU is only one person, so the amount of troll jokes one can make is limited. Even though IU has accumulated many titles in such a limited time, it still doesn’t compete with the alcoholic, chain smoking, iljin bullying sex machines, rice-cake feeding, determination having, nail-salon hating, serial killing, webcam specialists of T-ara.

But who knows, we may get there at this rate.


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