FIESTAR’s Cao Lu makes name for herself on ‘Radio Star’, IT’S HAPPENING


FIESTAR‘s profile has continued its recent upward swing after Cao Lu‘s recent appearance on ‘Radio Star‘, in which she did everything from reciting hangul backwards to copping to plastic surgery to shading SM Entertainment to telling Jackson to shut up to calling war crimes apologist Kim Gura an ugly idiot.


Here’s the hangul, shushing Jackson, and calling Kim Gura an ugly idiot.

And here she is talking about being sad about her ‘Real Men‘ rejection and then motioning towards Kyuhyun (SME) while talking about company strength in terms of why she got rejected in favor of f(x)‘s Amber.


Her funny and honest appearance on the show drew the raves of viewers, whatever that’s worth, and vaulted both her and FIESTAR to the top of search rankings

“I woke up in the morning and was so surprised while checking the internet to see my search ranking. I’m so happy and glad that viewers watched me positively. I said on the show that I wanted Fiestar to be more known than me and it’s not only my name in the search rankings but Fiestar too. I checked just before and Fiestar was ranked #3. I’ll probably be checking the internet all day and searching my name. Thank you so much for the interest, I’ll work harder.”

So this month alone, FIESTAR has had Yezi drop “Crazy Dog” as a single, Jei making out with chicks on ‘Lily Fever, and now Cao Lu slaying everybody on ‘Radio Star’. LOEN Entertainment can’t fuck this up, can they? Let’s hope not.


Finally, look at this Asian Junkie commenter from nine months ago pulling the goddamn Nostradamus act.



Bonus, but here’s Cao Lu telling us what she knows SISTAR‘s Soyu for.


I feel you.

Also, hopefully everybody can revisit her dancing to Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” with Jia as well.


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