The Ultimate Guide To K-Pop Padding


Inspired by these two Netizen Buzz gems, I thought I’d continue my holy path of educating this community by focusing on the most common artificial enhancement used by idols after plastic surgery: padding.


Well known is the use of bra padding, since it’s the simplest way to make a dress or shirt fit a bit better. Padding in conjunction with a push-up bra can work like a god, creating where there was nothing at first.



In this case the “less is more” rule applies, because it can easily be noticed by anyone if you look like you’re carrying teddy bears on your chest.


FIESTAR’s Jei here is a great model of butt pads.

In general, for this type of pad to be less noticeable, the pants or skirt worn on top of them shouldn’t be of a material that creases easily.

AOA rocked butt pads during the “Miniskirt” promos without problem because their skirts hid the extra layer of fabric underneath.


There’s also a limit of how tight your clothes can be: the tighter the outfit, the more noticeable the edges of the pads become. Sandara, queen of fake bum, knows the drill.


Hip pads, on the other hand, stay on the sides of your body to give the appearance of fuller hips; because of this they are a very popular item in the transgender community.

They have the same limitations as butt pads AKA don’t go full Bridget Jones.


The bottom line is that padding should be used to enhance and not to replace. As an A-cup myself, I know all of Choa’s struggles, but little apples deserve love as well.



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