SEVENTEEN under fire for incidents in which they appear to drop n-bomb


So currently international netizens are having a heated debate over SEVENTEEN and two incidents in which the boys appear to have dropped the n-bomb.


The first incident came at the airport and is probably the more debatable incident.

So there are multiple arguments going on between stans and other people, with both non-Koreans and bilingual Koreans alike.

Basically, one argument is saying that SEVENTEEN are playing a game where you connect a syllable to a word or phrase, so saying “ma naega” makes no sense in that context. However, it clearly would make sense if they were trying to make a joke and say “my n*gga” but while using Korean.

The other side of the story is stans explaining that the person was speaking in dialect and is saying “ma naega” as part of a saying.


In a vacuum, I actually think the fan explanation has a better case in this instance.

That said, putting it in the context of the rest of the group yelling “ma naega“, laughing about it, and then giving each other daps at the end made it seem like they knew exactly what “ma naega” sounded like in English and enjoyed it a lot.


As for the other incident … well, that was less debatable in my eyes, and it sorta reinforced my suspicion that they knew exactly what they were doing in the first incident.

There’s really no debate about context here, it’s all about what you hear.

For many, including me, I hear a straight “n*gger” with the “-er”, so there’s no “naega” debate happening or shit about dialect or whatever. I see stans arguing that he’s actually saying “my girl” in slurred English or “migger” (which doesn’t even make sense), but I’m not buying it.

Sounds dead clear to me that he says, in slurred English: “I am what I am, n*gger.

So yeah, yikes.


It’s honestly hard to pretend to be surprised by any of this anymore.

If anybody can make an argument to the contrary, I’d be more than open to it, but I just don’t see it at this point.


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