#Lovestagram: Park Jimin is thrilled, Hani on a mission, Kyungri got jokes

난 행복 하다 내얼굴이 너무나도 잘 표현 해준거 같아 I'm so happy . My face shows everything

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Park Jimin looks content.

세월이 흘러도 변함없는 너와 나:)

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Hani re-enacts a childhood picture with her brother, which also serves the dual purpose of saying to netizens, “Plastic surgery? What plastic surgery?”

Unknowingly though, she exposes the dangers of BB cream.

#푼수 #과거경리 #주변너무지저분하구요

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Kyungri takes the piss again after netizens didn’t get it the last time, singing “Beautiful Girl” from ‘200 Pounds Beauty‘, a movie about a singer who undergoes full-body plastic surgery and becomes a pop star.

말을 해라

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Alright, I’m coming around on Hyeyeon and her ferret face.



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That look from Seolhyun, tho.

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Yuna looking gorgeous and not even showing off her best assets.

CocoSori are all latex all the time.


??? 힘을 내시옥 ?

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Yoo Seung Ok must work out.

Shim Euddeum must work out.

???? ? @duumok

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DJ Soda must work out.


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