Junyool really loves STELLAR’s sexy concept, huh?


Late last month, I had mentioned that I wasn’t really into any member of STELLAR, so I had no reason to enjoy their meta trolling other than the fact that it was entertaining to witness unfold. Since then, some of you have been on some kind of mission to sell me on the members, and you won me over with Junyool.

Of course, her body is ridiculous…

컴백전!! 큐어바디워크라는 운동으로 체력관리중~♡ #6BT

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핫핫~~ 더운여름엔 물놀이~!! 굿굿굿~~~~

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…but what sold me is the fact that she really seems to enjoy what she does and buys into the sexy concept unlike any other idol I’ve seen.

You win.


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