Random Roundup: Tao as a faucet, BABYMETAL covers, Shannon & KittiB & Dani


Months late, but I’m still glad I found Tao as a faucet.

So blessed.

BABYMETAL on magazine covers, because yes.

Get new Hammer! New song KARATE from METAL RESISTANCE will premiere over @AnnieMac @BBCR1 on today at 7PM!

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KittiB has a rude body.

작년 롯데월드? #롯데월드 #잠실 #셀카 #엘린 #ellin #흔들림

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Subtle pose, Ellin. Real subtle.

Suzy working the angles with a selfie you’d expect to come from a dance group member or something.

COSMOPOLITAN 3월 ♡ #메이크업무진쌤 #헤어수화쌤 #스타일리스트설언니 #sisley

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Nana killing it as usual.


Seolhyun stuffing her mouth and receiving a overflowing white creamy load. She knows.

온 마음 다해 너무 고마워 @night_yewon #장예원의오늘같은밤 #500일 #예밤

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Even I would bother to watch the news for Jang Yewon.


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Kyungri is constantly comparing herself to animals.

This is Sori, right? Either way, cute as fuck.

??? @dddaniiiik #sorryforspamming

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Shannon and Dani get hype.


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