Random Roundup: Jisook’s struggle face, Solar’s dolphin laugh, baby Solji

Jisook tries to pull out a heart for everybody, but gloriously proceeds to fail miserably instead.

Solar laughs like a dolphin.

Jackson loves Jackson as much as everybody loves Jackson.




Nana got criticized for wearing this, apparently. Of course.


Seolhyun has boobs.

#green ?

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Clara is mothafuckin’ back in da game.

빛이 좋은 촬영장 #광합성 #bnt #세인트스코트 #stscott

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Kang Min Kyung has legs.


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Ahn Soo Min got her face contoured to show us what she would look like with a nose job, I guess? Looks sorta hot, honestly.




Hashimoto Kanna destroying your faves.

Woori with blonde hair just works.

제주는 봄비가 ☔️ 다들 잘 지내져?? 보구시품?

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Holy fuck, Solji looks like she’s five.


Thot Leader™