Random Roundup: Hyomin’s homer, Rainbow & Heechul’s otaku competition

Hyomin homers away her dating rumors with Jung Kang Ho.

Rainbow dressed up in these ‘Sailor Moon‘-esque outfits…

카리스마 있는 뒷모습..✊✌✋ #상남자 #곡작업 #곧나옴 #뮤직비디오 #시나리오쓰는중

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…but Heechul got his ‘Love Live‘ sweatshirt.




In #beijing 🤗🤗 #베이징#북경#tencent#포스터촬영

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You know Yoo Seung Ok is hot when she can wear what is horrifyingly similar to Zubaz and I’ll still post about it.


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The cliche shampoo commercial hair turn can only be pulled off if you look like Kyungri, apparently.


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Clara flashing the semi-subtle cleavage.

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Victoria destroying the world.


알게쩌영~~☺️ 유타하러갈게유~ #레인보우 #jisook #지숙

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Jisook, as we all know, loves her hearts.

Cheng Xiao as Chun Li will never get old.

NEW アーティスト写真♡

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Ami from DREAM/E-Girls looks as cute-hot as anybody.


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