RR: Crayon Pop’s Games, Lee Soo Man’s “Hotline Bling”, Sana’s Magic, EXID … Yeah

Crayon Pop trying to complete a task involving throwing and catching a ball is one thing, but I just want to know how many times they had to attempt this before Ellin actually caught it.

Lee Soo Man does his best “Hotline Bling” dancing.

I dunno why Sana was a guest on ‘Star King‘, but she did some magic. Sorta.

Hyerin and Hani dancing … sorta.


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나: 이제 누나랑 같이 살아야돼~~ 도기: …..??????

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LE loves dank memes.



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Yoo Seung Ok … well.


What is even the point? Everybody else go home.


Maybe Hyosung can stay.


And Seolhyun.



Soyu‘s spare parts pictures from the Cosmopolitan shoot happened to be of the best shots of her. So blessed.

#happy #asianfilmawards #risingstar #heartsonfire ?

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Clara is back, at least.


중국가요..! #중국 #공항 #인천공항

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Sometimes I wonder which rapper Ellin is dating on the low. That motherfucker.

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My wife, Jina.


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