Hyosung’s “Find Me” is a dance track gem & her visuals make male dancers jerk it


Hyosung‘s comeback music video for “Find Me” finally gives us some kind of upbeat dance music, and combined with her visuals, it’s difficult to not see this as a success.

On one hand, “Find Me” never truly seems to peak in any kind of signature moment, nor does it have much of an obvious hook. On the other hand, Hyosung has dropped a great dance track, thanks in large part to the upbeat, thumping instrumental. Oddly enough, while I didn’t find any vocal part instantly memorable, I did get attached to that “da-dah-da-dahhh” sound in the verses, and the light flute was a nice touch.

“Find Me” also has a rather melancholy vibe to it, which matches with the mood of the music video and concept. Thankfully, though, the song manages to express that feeling without boring the listener to death like so many other tracks do.


Unsurprisingly, the best part about this comeback has to be the visuals, which Hyosung provided in spades.










I mean, there’s even rope bondage that’s a part of this.

How hot is Hyosung? Well, part of the choreography includes male dancers kneeling at her feet and … well, jerking it.

Maybe that’s some rare dance technique that I’m not familiar with, but I don’t care, they’re definitely jerking it at the feet of Hyosung.


Apart from Hyosung being hot, though, the music video also has this glossy, polished feel to it across a diverse amount of sets and outfit changes, which certainly helped the viewing experience and made the overall effort of this concept quite impressive.


Unfortunately, while I quite enjoyed this comeback, these are the types of tracks that I generally feel don’t score with Korean listeners on the charts due to a lack of hook or peak. Nevertheless, “Find Me” definitely marks a step forward for Hyosung’s solo career, as this was the exact type of driving, upbeat, dance song that she needed.


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