RR: Cheng Xiao meme, FIESTAR in college, G-Friend fails, Otsuka Ai is produce


And Cheng Xiao is now a meme.

FIESTAR members as college students. Looks legit.

SinB and Yerin of G-Friend with the simultaneous fails, though SinB’s was SLIGHTLY more notable.

いちこさん。 AIO  #なんで誰も私を狩りにこないんだろう

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Otsuka Ai literally wants to be a strawberry.


Clara is looking healthy.


Jihyun looks amazing in Esquire.

? 요즘 다이어트 망하는 중.. 죄송합니다 쌤.. @imthecm

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100% focused on the food KittiB is eating and not other things.


Hi 🙂 #오늘도일 #중국 #피곤하다

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Hi Ellin, indeed.

Hyosung showing off the ‘Bagel Girl’ realness.

photo by @hyejeongood #홍콩엘르

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My wife Jina doing well with the Mickey Mouse hair.


?#Crayonpop #soyul

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Soyul, the other wife.


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