Junsu’s “How Can I Love You” for ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ is 4 minutes of boring

Junsu "How Can I Love You"

Junsu is a talented singer with quite the discography both in and out of TVXQ/JYJ. But while evaluating “How Can I Love You” as a song, I unfortunately can’t give him credit for his past work or just talent alone, as this OST track itself was almost painfully boring.

If I could describe “How Can I Love You” in a word, I would say: quiet. Everything, from the dynamics utilized in both the orchestration and the singing to Junsu’s overall tone, was boringly hushed. Junsu’s sometimes operatic voice was stripped of all of its dynamic force and, consequently, the verses floated into nothingness.

Much to my chagrin, it is quite apparent that his whisper-like delivery is intentional. This intentional effect can probably be attributed to the fact this song (and various other clone OST tracks) is the exact sort of mundane, blandness that is tailor-made for what the people want from OST songs.


The music video does not provide any respite from the song’s sleep-aid qualities. As with most OSTs, the music video is a collection of various scenes from a drama, this time ‘Descendants Of The Sun’. So the cinematography and the locations utilized in the MV are beautiful because it’s shot with the budget of a multi-million dollar drama, but there is not enough going on in the individual scenes showcased to make anything stand out.


Truth be told, the only positive about this whole “How Can I Love You” experience was the plethora of kissing scenes included in the music video.



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