“Hopefully Sky” is Eunji crafting quality out of a standard spring track


A Pink is a group known for its non-offensive, and often times dull, songs. Thus, it was my assumption that Eunji, by proxy, would produce something equally boring yet chart friendly. While the chart-friendly portion of my assumption was correct, “Hopefully Sky” is adequate enough a musical experience and deftly executes the theme of the song.

Despite the general inoffensiveness of “Hopefully Sky”, it’s also a difficult song to recommend, because it does not deviate from the painfully blasé, uptempo coffee shop norm. In fact, it is almost an exact replica of Busker Busker‘s “Cherry Blossom Ending”. That being said, this song succeeds in doing exactly what it was created to do: allow Eunji to herald in spring.

The truth is that “Hopefully Sky” does not succeed in being a musically interesting song so much as it executes a feeling perfectly. Eunji’s stable tone dances with the bouncy harmonica, lending the whole piece a country-esque twang. In itself, all that means nothing, but while “Hopefully Sky” is not something for those in search of originality, Eunji definitely provides a unique warmth to the song via the lyrics and her vocals.


The music video is a visual love letter to spring with an appropriate use of colors. Eunji looks the best that she has in a while and, amidst fluttering cherry blossoms, appears almost ethereal.

Eunji-Hopefully Sky 2

The other parts of the music video is Eunji taking a journey with a young girl. Story aside, and the lyrical references to her upbringing and father were plenty interesting, this MV is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing that I have seen. The interplay between pastel and sepia sets (with a few pops of color interspersed) make the whole MV dream-like and enjoyable.

Eunji-Hopefully Sky 3

Eunji-Hopefully Sky 4

As a whole, “Hopefully Sky” is a good song to add to a springtime playlist. It is nothing original or exceptional, but it’s meaningful if you can relate to the lyrics, and it does serve as a good companion for other songs and even the broader exuberance of spring.

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