RR: Hyerin Fails, T.O.P Trolls, Seolhyun English Puns, Sulli/Hara & Vin Diesel/Kris Love

Hyerin‘s illustrious history with failure.

The Hani story sums it all up.

Seolhyun, Korean queen of puns in English.

구하라를 구하라ㅋ❤️ 내사랑 이쁜이언니

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Sulli is done with Choiza and has picked Hara as his successor.

Jan Svankmajer, Jabberwocky 1971

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T.O.P pisses everybody off.

Going away dinner… Blessed.

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The bromance of Vin Diesel and Kris is going strong.


Memory of Hawaii in the Waikiki beach.

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Sora Aoi has boobs.

새벽이 좋은 ㅇrㅇi

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Speaking of boobs … ChoA from Crayon Pop?



Kuroki Meisa shows why she’s the avatar.

주황 orange #색 #orange #동영상

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Thankful that Ellin continues to find new Instagram apps to use.


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Sulli too.

다녀올게요 바이바이

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Seolhyun knows.


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