Mighty Mouth’s “Nice 2 Meet U” is typical, light, and fun, with a MV to match


Mighty Mouth, the duo of Sangchu and Shorry J, have returned with “Nice 2 Meet U“, a pleasant enough rap/R&B track for summer, especially given the entertainment value of the music video.

There’s not much negative to say about “Nice 2 Meet U” as a song, honestly. It’s an upbeat, light, and funky R&B and hip-hop combination that doesn’t stray far from an established formula for success, right down to the attractive female R&B singer guest spot (by Soya). But, of course, it’s also not anything new or anything we haven’t seen done dozens of times before.

So it’s paint-by-numbers, but at least the end product was never an offensive one. That in itself, I suppose, is the main criticism, but there are worse things.


The music video for the song was a lot of fun as well. Kim Jong Kook‘s appearance is no surprise given that his niece is Soya, and rapper Sleepy and comedian Jo Se Ho also appear. But Hong Suk Chun stole the show for me.






Plus, there’s also this guy.



Just those two music video characters alone represent the entire commentariat of Asian Junkie in one way or another.

The rest of the music video is equally light and fun, which again, matches the theme at play here and ends up resulting in an overall solid, entertaining effort.


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