NMB48’s Kinoshita Haruna (17) reportedly in affair with husband of ex-member’s sister


17-year-old NMB48 member Kinoshita Haruna is having an affair with a 28-year-old married CEO named Akita Shintaro, according to a report from Shukan Bunshun. But that’s maybe not even the most fucked up part, as the woman he is married to is the sister of an ex-NMB48 member.

In a 6th May live streaming on NicoNico, Bunshun showed photos of the 2 walking in Shibuya and said they stayed over in Ritz Carlton Hotel in Roppongi.


Furthermore, they cite as evidence that the shoes and handbag being worn were similar to what was showcased on her blog.



But even besides this alleged affair, the guy was messy as hell.

Estate24 CEO Akita Shintaro is said to have been arrested in 2013 on suspicions of frauding Mizuho Bank 200 million yen. He married sister of an ex-NMB48 member – Muro Kayoko, and they have a son born in 2014.

And the drama definitely doesn’t just stop there, as the wife commented angrily on an Instagram picture of Haruna’s, seemingly confirming that something is going on.

On 19th April, Kinoshita posted a photo of homemade curry in her Instagram, commenting on how delicious it was and how she strives to be a better cook.

Muro Kayoko, sister of ex-NMB48 member Muro Kanako, took to her instagram and left this message. “Having an affair with ex-member’s sister’s husband and causing them to divorce, you can sure cook in the house where the wife and children lived!”



AKS has yet to respond to these rumors, but given that she’s sort of a non-factor for NMB48, I’d probably expect her to leave somehow if this is all true.

An absolute clusterfuck is what this is.


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