Tiffany lip-synched on ‘Music Bank’ for freedom from music show oppression


Tiffany, hip-hop legend, has recently come under fire recently for not singing, but rather … wait for the shocker … lip-synching!

K-pop is very serious matter, and to some this will come as a shock, but before you scream in my ear saying all the unnecessary things, let’s actually look at this logically. I used to be in a choir 10 years ago, so I definitely know how Tiffany feels on stage in front of thousands and being broadcast to millions around the world. Using this experience, there’s a bunch of explanations on the table here. Maybe she has stage fright? Maybe she forgot to do the dishes before performing, and she clearly had that thought process repeating inside of her brain? Maybe she’s protesting the new music show lip-sync bans being enacted?

We will never how Tiffany truly feels, but personally, I think this was an act of protest. She’s already been openly braless with pride (#FreeTheNipple), so why can’t she lip-sync with pride to fight against music show oppression? She is the freedom fighting role model everyone needs.

Everybody can hate, but I am so proud and glad she decided to lip-sync, because that’s a move that takes courage. A hero fighting for all idols.

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