Random Roundup: Soyul goes out like a Terminator, Nayeon fail, Taeil licks ass


Soyul goes down, but when she does, she goes down like the fucking Terminator.

Nayeon and Jungyeon play with a fan’s gift, and because Nayeon is blind, she has no idea how to get it to work properly as Jungyeon side-eyes the FUCK out of her.

Taeil … he’s licking ass.


Oh boy? #hawaii

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? #hawaii

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NS Yoon G continues her assault on Hawaii with her hotness.

I honestly don’t get why she just doesn’t do a photoshoot while she’s out there or something.

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#뷰티쁠 #Beautypl #6월호 #뷰티화보 #촬영중 #과즙메이크업 ?????? #전효성 #Junhyoseong #JHS ????????

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Hyosung is attractive.


Yura always seems to be sorta underrated?


날씨 좋은 날. 스마일? #Playback #하영

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Holy shit, it’s a Hayoung selca and she’s alive. I swear to fucking god, Coridel Entertainment better take care of Playback after Jessica‘s promotions are over.


당신은 이 영상에 중독 될 것이다.

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또잉 안뇽 크크크크크

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What does this Sulli selca represent, I wonder? Something that makes her an evil whore, I’m sure.


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