RR: Possessed Pikachus, Hyerin Entertainment School, NS Yoon G’s Bikini Adventures

Pikachu … now comes in absolutely horrifying, apparently.

Hyerin‘s entertainment school is one that more idols should attend.


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NS Yoon G is still in Hawaii (somehow) and is still basically posting up free bikini photoshoots.

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BiPA of Lip Service needs to get famous.

今年の夏は #クロッシェ トップスをいっぱい着ようっと🍒 All about #crochettops this summer

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Minami of CREAM thankfully already has a following.


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Eunjung looking attractive…

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…and Jiyoung doing the same.



Nayeon kissing Sana … the fanservice is real.

A bunch of people taking video of my wife Soyul at her birthday party.

Thanks for capturing it, guys.


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