RR: Kisum fail, Ahn Soo Min gets ugly, Ellin gets terrified, Hayoung/HyunA fancams

Kisum trying desperately to not fuck up while reading a script.

It goes … poorly.


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Ahn Soo Min kindly shares all the beautiful artwork her fans did of her.

Ellin doesn’t like this ride much, I’m guessing.


Hayoung is fucking in the house.

Playback need to return now that Jessica has made enough money with her debut to fund it.

HyunA is nice to look at, man.

Thanks for the video goofball😘 #hawaii #waimanalo #makapuu #makapuutidepools #Juelzsantana #ohyes #dipset #하와이

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NS Yoon G‘s vacation has finally ended, but she was nice enough to do this for us.


Yubin cleavage can’t go wrong.

🍪 촬영 끝!!! 고잉홈

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Ye Jung Hwa has a butt.

Shim Euddeum has an everything.


오늘두 알라뷰우우우 #피에스타 #애플파이

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Still blows my mind that Jei‘s nose is actually natural.



Sana with Harry Potter glasses will do just fine, thanks.


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