RR: Hyerin/Hani Show, Jackson Does Challenge, Minami & Hyosung Love Summer

닮은꼴이다 우리

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미니언즈좀 닮았는데

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Leave it to Hyerin, Hani, and Solji (especially Hyerin) to finally make these dumbass app videos funny.

Hyerin the GOAT.

Jackson did the ‘Running Man Challenge‘ because of course he would.

Ahn Soo Min celebrated her birthday with Yezi, KittiB, and Gilme.

She is so cute, dammit.


Minami decided to do a real bikini photoshoot on Instagram. Cause fuck it.

#COSMOPOLITAN #7월호 #화보 in Bali ?? ??

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Hyosung … man.

Kang Ye Bin is back on Instagram and is posting bikini pics.

Sooo … that means the charges were dropped or it wasn’t even her?




Oh right, that’s why Sulli stays getting modelling jobs.

Kyungri being all smart and shit.


#서든 땡긴당.

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Jina is wife.


Thot Leader™