GRACE might try to make a mess on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ for all of our sakes


When the lineup for ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3 was announced, I noticed GRACE was a part of that lineup and thought she might be the hero we need to mess it all up. In the comments, I encouraged you to encourage her to do just that on the show, and I guess she ended up seeing my tweet.


Maybe this is just about the praise for her debut, but I’m choosing to believe this means she’s heard our cries for mess and will try to deliver for all of us. Ideally, she wouldn’t even have to really try, per se.


In all seriousness, though, this is probably the perfect chance for her to make a name for herself. As Jessi proved, making a mess on a reality show is actually rare in Korea compared to like America, so it’s totally worth it for an unknown even if the response is mixed.


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