Laysha is ready to make you “Chocolate Cream”


Laysha, a four-member girl group under JS Entertainment, released their first digital single last summer. You might remember member Goeun for popular fancams where she demonstrates the art of dance. She’s also pulled a no-panty like their sister group, Bambino! Wearing mostly panties this time, to your disappointment, Laysha has finally released a music video for their latest effort, “Chocolate Cream.”

The track is pretty basic. The horns tempted me for like a half second, but everyone’s doing this or has done a version of this so I don’t find it all that interesting, honestly. I couldn’t stop thinking of SISTAR19‘s “Ma Boy” with the repetition of “I gotchya back!”, too.

However, I really don’t think the point of a group like this is to blow you away with their music. It’s satisfactory, so whatever. The music video and live stages are what this group is about for obvious reasons.

Which brings me to my point that these girls really make sexy K-pop concepts look tame! The whole “bad bitch” aesthetics kind of make me giggle, but that’s probably because I don’t want to have sex with them.






I think people are either into this type of sex appeal or aren’t. I’m more of the latter and think less-is-more, so the repetitive and abundant close-ups of their boobs, ass, and crotch make me roll my eyes, but I also know this would turn a lot of people who aren’t me on. I’m obviously not Laysha’s audience, anyway.


The long and short of it is, they’re good looking chicks with great bodies, so why not? It would be great if they release some catchy club bangers in the future that I can get down to, but even if they release more of the same, Laysha will be just fine. They already have the audience they want, most likely, and they aren’t there for the music.

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