Bambino is coming back with “Moonlight Shower”, and we have a sneak peak


Bambino, the revolutionary girl group of legendary song “Oppa Oppa“, is coming back with their next smash hit, “Moonlight Shower.”

These teasers already looked promising, and I was immediately excited about the choreography with that footwork! As I started looking for some teaser images or any other promotional material, I pretty much found the whole song by accident.

This first video was uploaded to the Instagram account for a car wash place called Washzone, which is obviously one of the locations for the upcoming music video. (Or perhaps this will be used for a CF?)

However, the video below shows pretty much the entire song and choreography being shot at the same location and filmed by someone I’m assuming is a staff member on set.

The song has the same cute-sexy vibe that their previous single did with a trendy instrumental. I’m not sure who keeps giving Bambino these hidden bops, but yes, please.

As anticipated, though, the choreography is the highlight and I’m only more excited to see the actual music video now!

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