Random Roundup: Yuju attacks SinB’s groin, Lizzy loses it, Crayon Pop & IU with the sexy

Crayon Pop are back on the thug grind.

Yuju recognizes that SinB is trying to bully the rest of G-Friend and retaliates with a kick straight to her pussy.



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Lizzy … wat.

나는 무엇이 그리도 아련하였던가

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Hyerin is a musubi, your argument is invalid.



Stephanie Lee‘s body is on point for FILA.

이 여름의 끝을 잡고.. 안녕??

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Choa showing that there’s more than one member of Crayon Pop that can show off.

추워졌어 변했어 너 .. #엘린 #ellin #반포 #한강 #롱보드

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Speaking of the devil, here’s Ellin definitely showing off her skater side and not her body.


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This is hot from Hami, but also weirdly disturbing in a way.




IU is seducing everybody now.

Jina, my wife.


사실은 개냥이랍니다 진짜에오

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Hani cutely plays with her puss.


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Choa‘s hair is all fucked, but she still looks cute.

#真田幸村 #かおはめ #どこ見てんだろ #何かに怯えてるっぽい

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Shinozaki Ai is a fierce samurai.


Thot Leader™