2PM tries and fails to make “ADTOY” 2.0 with “Promise”


2PM is back with “Promise” or, more aptly, “A.D.T.O.Y.” 2.0.

The absence of JYP’s quintessential whisper provides an ominous start to “Promise”. Sadly, the song fails to gain momentum after its whisper-less intro.

“Promise”, much like the aforementioned “A.D.T.O.Y.,” is a synth-heavy sex jam. But unlike A.D.T.O.Y., it is overloaded with an almost crunchy sounding back-track. The over-use of said synthesized backing renders it almost impossible to discern any of 2PM’s vocals. Which, considering how heavily Nichkhun is featured, is probably for the better.

Not even a much-needed respite from its overproduction can save “Promise”. The softer, less synthy portions back-off just enough to allow Junho and *sigh* Nichkhun’s voices to be more audible. However, neither is given the time or opportunity to actually shine.

Since “Promise” is all about placing too much focus 2PM’s weaker vocalists, it should come as no surprise that Taecyeon is given a drawn-out rap break complete with an obligatory grunt.

Perhaps the only aspect of “Promise” that is tolerable is the music video. 2PM are hot as usual and display that hotness in various stages of undress.


Unfortunately, that’s about the end of the praise.


‘Gentlemen’s Game’


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