Crayon Pop’s “Doo Doom Chit” (yes, that sound) comeback will have Ellin rapping, yo


Crayon Pop are going to be making a comeback with a full album on September 26, and the lead single will be “Doo Doom Chit“, which mimics the onomatopoeic sound of ‘Ba Dum Tss’. Perhaps most promising is that they’re going to continue trying to go with their concept of being original/weird, so perhaps fears they were gonna be mainstreamed were unwarranted.

Most importantly, the major news is that Ellin will return to being a rapper.

Chrome Entertainment has also expressed, “In order to upgrade their image from being known as helmet representatives, everything received a complete renewal. This includes the external album, the part distribution, and Ellin’s return as a rapper. The title track ‘Doo Doom Chit’ combines the latest trendy beats with an old school aspect, and will be a song that is loved by all ages from 10s to 50s.”

Everything goes through Way in the end, so obviously Ellin has her blessing. This should be … interesting. I assume Amber is teaching Ellin to rap, for example.

Oh yeah, because Chrome Entertainment is definitely probably broke, as mentioned before, the girls are doing the album jacket, wardrobe, makeup, and concept themselves. Inevitably, this means Ellin will find a way to make things as sexy as possible.


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